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Tommy Caro received his Black Belt in Japanese Jujitsu in April 2004. Even though he has been teaching self defense for many years he received his official Instructor Certification in April 2006. Tommy has an intense background in martial arts--training in the following arts before finally settling down in Japanese Jujitsu. 2 years in Tae Kwon Do, 1 Year in Shotokan Karate, 1 year in Wing Chun Kung Fu, Several Years in AAU boxing
and finally Tommy has been perfecting his skill in Japanese Jujitsu since 1997.

My philosophy is simple. I don't want any of my students getting beat down.  If a technique is ugly it probably works. If it is flashy and pretty then it probably won't work in a real fight.

I am an Active member of the American Jujitsu Associtation. My original Instructor was Mr. Tony Posinski, 3rd Dan under which I studied for 7 years.  Mr. Posinski's Instructor was Dr. Dennis McCurdy 10th Dan. I have been Studying under Dr. McCurdy since April of 2006. Dr. McCurdy's instructor is Mr. William Fromm.  William Fromm and George Kirby were both students of Jack [Sanzo] Seki.  Professor Kirby is the Founder and Grandmaster of the Budoshin Jujitsu System of the American Jujitsu Association. You can visit the Official Budoshin site at  You can also visit Dr. McCurdy's site at


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